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"I’ve always been obsessed with space, music, games, and life. Through my music and art, I continue to learn more about the universe around me while expressing myself through creative outputs of music and story telling. Loving and learning all different styles of music growing up, I aim to create genre-bending music that always has a groove at its heart and inspires people."

                                -Carter Fox, 2019

Carter Fox's new downtempo lo-fi single 'M87', featuring longtime collaborator Steve Honz on synth, is the first new track from his forthcoming EP, 'The Astronomical Mixtape'. 'M87' continues Fox's spacey exploration of music as he combines elements of jazz, new age, and experimental music over his signature groovy beats and smooth bass. The song was created in honor of and inspired by the first-ever image of a real black hole being captured by the Event Horizon Telescope in April 2019 and is dedicated to the team of amazing astronomers and scientists who have forever changed humanity's place in the universe.

In addition to his solo explorations, he is currently bassist for R&B legend Freddie Jackson, an avid music producer, composer and studio musician, a member of the ‘alternative-Motown’ outfit Jutaun. He is endorsed by Aguilar Amplification ( and Moody Leather Guitar Straps (

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